I really want to join this amazing organization! 

So I am going to college this September and tuition for me is PRETTY PRICEY. So my family has to save EVERY penny they have right now which means NO ONE DIRECTION concerts :( For one of their 2013 concerts, I was able to get pretty decent seats for $93 but even that was to expensive because my parents refuse to pay and the money I have is saved up to pay for my tuition. And I also hate going into a drugstore or a Barnes and Noble and seeing these AWESOME 1D magazines that I really want to get but even $10 is not worth it for me. And forget about getting merchandise! My parents complained about me getting the Up All Night DVD (because I bought it all the way from Britain)! I was blessed to see them once at a meet and greet in NYC. But I rarely got to say anything to them due to the uptight security. 

Meanwhile there are Directionators going to Meet and Greets and getting VIP because they are 12 year olds who really don’t have that many important expenses to pay for. Even though I haven’t been a fan of 1D as long as most have, I was around wayyyy before they made it big in the US. (Since Sept.11) 

I just really want to see them live in concert just once or have another opportunity to tell them how I feel about them. 

Sucks to be a broke soon-to-be college student! 

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