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Well… I’ve had my eyes on tickets for the past 3 months and my dad keeps telling me to wait to buy tickets. But the more I wait, the more the tickets I want go away. I have a big feeling by the time my dad decides to let me get tickets, that there won’t be any left. And it just kills me. And the worst part is he doesn’t even let me enter contest!


So I’m just like


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  3. princess55204 said: this exact thing is happening with me! omg my mom says she’ll buy the tickets for the world tour 2013 but she’s alsways like “wait, its in a year.. we can wait” NO . They’re all selling out :(
  4. elenaxxlupo said: same thing happened to me… mom waited til the last minute. never got them. never saw them. all my friends went. BUT ME.
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